Liam Neeson paid a virtual visit to “The Late Late Show” to promote his new Netflix movie “The Ice Road”.

In the film, the “Taken” star plays a big-rig trucker in the frozen north, and reveals to host James Corden that driving was something he learned from none other than Dame Helen Mirren.

As Neeson explains, he and Mirren met when they were both cast in the 1981 King Arthur movie “Excalibur”.

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“Helen and I formed a lovely friendship, I’m proud to say,” Neeson recalled. “But yeah, she taught me how to drive, yeah. Essentially.”

Asked if Mirren was a good driver, Nesson confirmed that she was “very good.”

He had to take actual driving lessons, however, when he later landed a gig that didn’t include transportation, which meant he needed a driver’s licence and a car.

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As Neeson explained, he bought “a little French car” he described as “a converted sewing machine,” of which Corden displayed a picture and joked, “Look at that absolute beauty of a car.”