Elton John and David Furnish hosted the virtual Youtube Pride Day 2021, where at one point Sir Elton shared a sad revelation about his mother.

Anyone who’s read his autobiography Me or seen the biopic “Rocketman” will already recall John’s fraught relationship with his mother, but he shared even more during a conversation with singer Rena Sawayama about their collab, “Chosen Family”.

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“Tell me a little bit about that song, what it means to you,” Furnish asked.

“The whole thing is about me not really connecting to my family, me feeling lost, and then finding my chosen family,” she explained. “The reason I wrote that was because I love my friends, but they’re more than just friends, they are family. But more importantly they’re my queer family, and I met them when I was at university, when I was very depressed. It is so important to have that idea of family in your mind when things aren’t going quite right with the family that you’re born with.”

Added Furnish, “We surround ourselves with the people in life that give us the skills to cope, the support that we need. So many people are rejected by their biological families. Particularly within queer communities. Coming out can be a very difficult thing.”

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That was when John opened up about his mother’s behaviour during his civil partnership ceremony with Furnish.

“Families can be very pro or very anti. My family, my mother and my stepfather, were very, very easy with me coming out,” he explained.

“When I wanted to have my civil partnership — when I was about to have my civil partnership — my mother was so against it, because it’s officially admitting that you’re gay,” he continued.

“It was so upsetting, she kind of ruined my day — our day, rather, by her attitude. And for all those years I thought she was so supportive and in the background there was a mild homophobia going on within her,” he said.

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“Because I was actually tying the knot with David and then getting married a few years later, she didn’t approve of it at all. And that came as a big shock to me,” he recalled, adding, “But that was more than compensated for by the friends who came and supported us on the day.”

He also said that he and his mother are now “back in touch.”