Charlize Theron has a lot of love for her “F9” co-stars.

While on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Theron was asked about a female “Fast & Furious” spin-off and while she said “I don’t know anything” she would be up for it.

“The woman in this franchise is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to be part of it. No offence to Vin Diesel, but Michelle Rodriguez is pretty bada**.”

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The very wide-ranging interview also included any aliases that Theron has used when checking into hotels. Theron explained that she used one, Ginger Raspberry, which most people thought was a stripper name. Theron countered that thought, saying it came “from an innocent” place since she “took it from a cereal box.”

But the revelations didn’t end there, the Oscar winning actress took a walk down memory lane, telling Fallon how she didn’t do well in auditions because there were no boundaries, even going so far to cover her body in ketchup ahead of time to mimic blood.

“I would barge in, pretending like I was shot,” Theron recalled. “Smearing ketchup on the walls, everywhere.”

Luckily she has got past that stage, now being part of “impressive” franchises like “Fast & Furious”. The long-running franchise has collected a massive fan group, some of which weren’t sure how to react to Theron as the villain in “F8”.

In the film, Theron’s Cipher starts to turn Diesel’s Dom, something fans had a hard time coming to terms with.

While they wanted to complement Theron on her acting job, they were torn. “‘How dare you mess with the family,’ but ‘good job,'” Theron said was a popular response she would get.

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