While great strides have been made in terms of diversity when it comes to leadership positions in the entertainment industry, Michael Strahan thinks there’s much room for improvement.

“I think it’s very important. I grew up and a lot of us, we didn’t necessarily have, I guess, a lot of eyeballs… When you looked at Black entertainers, it was just that — just the entertainment side of it. It wasn’t very much more than that,” the “Good Morning America” host told BLACKPRINT’s co-chair Tiffany Lee during the Black employee resource group’s Juneteenth, Celebrating Freedom virtual event, as reported by People

“It wasn’t the news. It wasn’t anything outside of making you laugh or being the butt of a joke,” he explained.

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While the former NFL star admitted he’s seen progress since he’s been in the TV industry, with Black people as producers and creators of TV shows, he doesn’t feel that progress has been fast enough.

“It’s great to be in front of the camera, don’t get me wrong, but I love the representation in the office,” he explained. “Love the representation of those who run entertainment, run the studios, have talent agencies. I think that that is the next phase that we need to understand, and that people need to accept us in, is that we’re outside of entertainers. We also have the mind to run the business end of all of this,” he said.

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“And I’ve seen a lot of that at ABC because our ABC News president is Black. We’ve made so many changes there, which are the first by the way, to run a major news organization. And I’m just very proud of that. I’m proud to see a lot of the changes that have come, and a lot of people who are representing us in positions of power, and hopefully everybody brings people with them. I’m just happy to be a part of it all because I never expected to be where I am or doing what I’m doing. I’ve been a very blessed person,” Strahan added.