Iggy Azalea is claiming she’s been in Britney Spears’ corner long before the #FreeBritney movement after Twitter fans attacked her.

On Friday, June 25, the 31-year-old rapper, who collaborated with Spears in 2015, defended herself after she—along with several other artists — were accused of not supporting the 39-year-old singer amid her conservatorship battle.

Before Azalea spoke up on the matter, a fan pointed out, “One, Iggy did speak about it and y’all dragged her for it so it’s weird now that y’all switched up. Secondly, Iggy has ALWAYS been a supporter of Britney so this was so unnecessary.”

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“Right, I said her team wouldn’t let her do promo and that they went through my house etc and y’all said I was a hater,” Azalea responded, referring to their song ‘Pretty Girls,’ as well as referencing Spear’s team searching her property.

In 2016 Azalea told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” about how the “Circus” singer’s entourage went through her house before they worked together.

“They came and checked my place to make sure I wasn’t trying to stash anything weird and, like, get it to her or something…to make sure I wasn’t a bad influence,” she shared. “And I’m not. I passed the test!”

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According to the “Fancy” rapper, she signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is why she hasn’t spoken out more about Spears’ 13-year conservatorship. However, the Australian native made it clear that she cares about the Grammy winner.

“I am actually here to support someone in a way that’s helpful and also mindful,” Azalea explained. “Britney has said in her own words, she’s embarrassed to even share this with the world. If she needed me to speak on her behalf, That message has been delivered to her. Other than that – I’m good.”

She continued, “I’ve done what I’m supposed to do, I’ve reached out. I’m not supposed to be mindlessly telling you all whatever was happening because half of these people are just here for entertainment not to help. I actually care & she can use me if she needs my voice. Leave me alone PLEASE.”