Scarlett Johansson is reflecting on the end of “Black Widow”. 

The actress has portrayed the superhero, also known as Natasha Romanoff, since Marvel first introduced the character in 2010’s “Iron Man 2″. 

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“I think it’s bittersweet,” said the 36-year-old star while appearing on “Good Morning America” on Monday.

“I’ve had an incredible decade working with my Marvel family. I’m going to miss not seeing them every 18 months or two years, like those kind of milestones I always really look forward to.”

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She continued, “But I feel really proud of this film and I think it’s great to go out on a high note. This movie is so different from any other Marvel film that we’ve done so far, so yeah… like I said, it’s bittersweet.”

“Black Widow” also stars Florence Pugh and Robert Downey Jr.

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The film hits theatres July 9.