Kristen Bell is revealing how lockdown tested her marriage.

The “Bad Moms” star and Dax Shepard have been wed since 2013.

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Bell opened up on her relationship and the pandemic while speaking to guest-host Chelsea Handler on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” airing Tuesday, June 29.

“At the beginning of the pandemic we were at each other’s throats and then all the doors locked in our house,” recalled the 40-year-old actress. “We had to stay inside and we were like ‘woof! We need to get a handle on the annoyances’.”

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The couple turned to a therapist to help them deal with their lockdown issues.

“[He] suggested that we’re both so annoyed with each other because the reality is if you’re living with one human being, I don’t care if it’s your partner, your husband, your wife or your roommate, you need to brush up on your tool box because you will find that person annoying,” said Bell. “Relationships take work.”

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The therapist suggested that the pair visited him separately so that they could “talk s**t about each other.”

“And we did, and it’s been great,” she added. “When you have a third party moderating any disagreement, it’s always the safer place.”