Rumer Willis will not put up with body shaming on her social media accounts.

The actress shared a lengthy message on her Instagram Story after noticing some social media users commenting on some recent pics she posted before getting on a plane.

Some suggested she needed to eat, commenting on how small she looked.

Willis then said, “I know I don’t need to do this but in an effort to spread some awareness and shed some light on body-shaming tactics I felt the need to share.”

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Her post included, “After the barrage of some really inappropriate comments left on my pic I posted yesterday I was left really bummed cause I was really enjoying the silly pics I took. It was a weird angle that even made me feel like I looked smaller than I do in real life.

“But regardless even though you may think it’s your job or even your right to leave unfiltered thoughts or judgments about my body for me and others to read… it’s not,” the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis added.

“But for reference this is another angle and you can see what I actually look like.”

Credit: Instagram/Rumer Willis
Credit: Instagram/Rumer Willis

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Willis also pointed out that “coming for me in my comments and telling me how I’m too skinny or I need to eat is absolutely not helpful and extremely body shaming.”

“Body shaming of any kind is something I will not stand for,” she concluded.

Willis later shared a short video of herself eating a piece of kiwi, alongside the message, “Bye trolls.”

More than a week later, the star then posted a cheeky photo, telling the “haters”: “With love and gratitude kindly 💋 my 🍑, I’ll keep smiling regardless ✌🏼”

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