Brian Wilson: ‘The Beach Boys Just As Good As 50 Years Ago’

For the first time in 20 years, The Beach Boys have reunited to create a new single, “That’s Why God Made The Radio”.

The song has deep meaning for the band members who grew up during an era when listening to the radio was everything for a budding musician. “The radio was my whole education… Chuck Berry, Rosemary Clooney,” reveals Brian Wilson.

Meanwhile, Al Jardine is just as confident the new single will wow listeners: “If you like harmony, man this is gonna knock your socks off.”

Working together again after so long is truly a blessing for the group who seem to have picked up right where they left off, according to Al: “It’s nice to reunite and know exactly where you belong in the structure… it’s just like riding a bike.”

Brian believes The Beach Boys are “just as good as 50 years ago, believe it or not.”

And even after the time lapse, David Marks still regards the boys as family: “This reunion so to speak is more like a family reunion.”
Watch the guys talk about their reunion and have a listen to the new single – set for release on June 5 – below!



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