Kate Beckinsale isn’t the only famous one in her household. Her grey Persian cat Clive is a certified Instagram celebrity who doesn’t seem to be letting fame get to his fluffy head.

Beckinsale was on the show to talk about her new Amazon Prime Video movie “Jolt” when the conversation turned to “what’s really important.” The “Love And Friendship” cat lover shared an Instagram video of her kitty, clad in a hat and bowtie, watching her talk about him to Kevin Frazier on “Entertainment Tonight” where she revealed he “deserves” all the love and attention after surviving cancer.

“He’s a cancer survivor, he had nine months of chemo. I never thought he was going to make it,” the actress, 47, shares. “The fact he’s a minor cat celebrity, I’m down!”

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Along with her white Persian cat, Willow, and dog, Myf, Clive frequently makes appearances on Beckinsale’s Instagram account to the delight of her 4.6 million followers.

“He’s really down to wear costumes, he’s down to do a little dance, he’s down to do some boxing,” she explains. “I guess everybody’s cat isn’t like that so people are down to see him.”

But Clive doesn’t seem bothered by fame or attention from his adoring fans as he watches his mum on TV with little reaction, managing to “look so stoic and overjoyed” at the same time, according to one fan’s comment.

“Who’s on TV!” she explains in the video, giving Clive a kiss at the end.

Check out more pics and video of her fan-favourite feline below.

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