Jamie Spears is firing back after Britney asked the court to terminate her conservatorship in order to get her “life back.”

Jamie has now filed legal documents, obtained by ET Canada, claiming he hasn’t had any involvement in Britney’s personal conservatorship for nearly two years “and has no intention of serving in that role again.”

He insisted the blame for things like Britney stating she’s not allowed to get married or have kids lies with her current personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery.

Jamie also said he hasn’t spoken to his daughter for a long time because “he has been cut off from communicating with her.”

Court documents read, “On Sept. 9, 2019, Mr. Spears relinquished his powers as Conservator of the Person in favour of Ms. Montgomery. Unlike Ms. Montgomery and [lawyer] Mr. [Sam] Ingham, Mr. Spears does not speak or meet with Ms. Spears’ medical team, and he is not permitted to nor does he have the opportunity to provide any input into his daughter’s current medical treatment, diagnosis, or therapy.

“Nor does Mr. Spears participate in or discuss Ms. Spears’ personal affairs with her, such as issues related to her self-care, marriage, and reproductive desires. These are issues under the purview of Ms. Montgomery as Ms. Spears’ conservator of the person, and issues that Ms. Spears presumably discusses with her court-appointed attorney, Mr. Ingham. Mr. Spears is simply not involved in any decisions related to Ms. Spears’ personal care or medical or reproductive issues.”

Jamie’s docs stated that Mr. Ingham had incorrectly claimed Britney did not have the mental capacity to make decisions about her medical treatment and therefore it was left to the conservator of her person – now Jodi Montgomery.

He insisted the court never made such an order.

He also claimed it was Britney’s lawyer, Ingham, who has been seeking to take away his client’s right to make medical decisions.

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The docs stated that Mr. Spears was “greatly saddened to hear of his daughter’s difficulties and suffering, and he believes that there must be an investigation into those claims, including an evidentiary hearing in order for the Court to properly determine whether or not to grant Mr. Ingham’s Petition to Appoint Jodi Montgomery.”