Director Rob Reiner paid a viral visit to SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show”, where he revealed some news about an exciting upcoming project.

According to Reiner, he hasn’t “told anybody about it yet,” before revealing he’s developing a new TV series about the curious relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and former POTUS Donald Trump, which he’s calling “The Spy and the Asset”.

The series, Reiner explained, “takes them from their childhoods up to the point where they cross, and what happens to these two and what happens to democracy as a result of this convergence.”

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Added Reiner: “I want to do it because, to me, it’s like the first cut at history, you know, we’re taking the first real cut at history… This would be a multi-part series. It would be… 10 to 13 episodes, to really look at their lives and what kind of — how they intersected eventually.”