Chelsea Handler fills in for Ellen DeGeneres during her show Thursday.

The guest host chats to her friend Robin Wright about directing herself in her first feature film, “Land”, as well as how she’s taken her daughter Dylan Frances Penn out for lunch a couple of times.

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Wright compares 30-year-old Dylan to Handler because they’re both alphas.

Handler says she wanted to be “like a friend of mom’s but cooler than mom.”

“She confided in me so we were off to a good start,” she adds of the lunch.

Wright tells Handler of her daughter’s reaction to the outing, “She was like ‘she’s so cool, I kind of wish she was my mom,'” as Handler says that’s what she was hoping for.

Wright’s appearance also sees her, Handler and tWitch give their opinions on topics in a game called “So Wrong or So Wright”.

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Find out what they think about kissing with eyes open, men who wax, and staying friends with your ex in the clip below:

Plus, Handler chats to comedian and former “Chelsea Lately” writer and panellist, Fortune Feimster, about the unforgettable photo she took on her wedding day, a cannabis-infused dinner she had with Handler, and more.