A rose by any other name would be called Christian Slater.

On Thursday evening, “Captain America” star Chris Evans showed his appreciation for the “Heathers” and “True Romance” actor and lit up Twitter.

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In a tweet, Evans mused about Slater walking into a room in 1989 before he’d ever heard his name, imagining that based on his cool look, he’d guess his name was “Christian Slater” anyway.

Soon after the tweet was posted, Slater’s name began trending on Twitter, with many pointing out the hilarious source of the trend.

Writer Jessica Ellis joked that Evans’ tweet was a result of some marijuana-induced intoxication.

Comedian Lana Moore loved that the trend was inspired by a random thought from Evans.

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Others took the opportunity to share their own love for Slater.

Slater, who has an account on Twitter but hasn’t posted since 2018, has not yet commented on the newfound interest in his iconic name and career.

In recent years, Slater has appeared in many films and acclaimed TV series, including “Mr. Robot” and the upcoming “Dr. Death”.