Jennifer Lopez says it feels freeing to debut her latest single.

The singer, 51, called into SiriusXM’s Pitbull’s Globalization to promote the upcoming release of her brand new track “Cambia El Paso” and revealed the song is all about “change.”

“Well, definitely for me, it was about change. The song is about change and not being afraid to take the step,” she said. “Like, just take the step, advance, do what you need to do. If something’s not feeling right, whatever it is in your life, like, just make that move and dance.”

She continued, “For me, because I started as a dancer, to me, dance is life, and joy, and happiness. So, whenever I’m talking about dance, I’m talking about something else. All she wants to do is just dance, dance, dance, dance again. You gotta live. You gotta be yourself. You got to be happy. And that’s what the record’s about.”

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Lopez later gushed about Pitbull, her longtime friend and collaborator.

“I mean, we’ve had so many amazing moments together,” she said. “Probably one of my biggest songs ever we did, which is ‘On The Floor.’ That kind of brought me back into the public eye after I had my kids and got married and that was just like a new moment. So, he will always represent kind of the new generation of my music for me.”

Adding, “I always have so much love in my heart for Pit.”

“Cambia El Paso” drops Monday.

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