Ronan Farrow’s reporting has brought down such Hollywood heavyweights as Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves, and now the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist has set his sights on Britney Spears’ controversial conservatorship.

In a piece for The New Yorker that he co-wrote with Jia Tolentino, Farrow delves deep into the circumstances behind the conservatorship and presents numerous shocking revelations.

According to Farrow, on June 22 — the day before Spears’ bombshell-dropping court testimony — she called 911 to report that she was the victim of conservatorship abuse; a County Sheriff’s department spokesperson, however, told ET that Spears visited a police station and asked questions regarding a civil manner, and ultimately asked a deputy to respond to her house in what is characterized as “an exchange of information.”

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Farrow also interviewed family friend Jacqueline Butcher, who helped secure the conservatorship. While she was initially concerned for Spears’ well being, she has since come to regret it.

“At the time, I thought we were helping. And I wasn’t, and I helped a corrupt family seize all this control,” she told Farrow. Butcher also recalled seeing Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, insult the singer on multiple occasions, calling her “fat” and “telling her she was a whore and a terrible mother.”

Farrow also reveals that Spears initially believed the conservatorship would be temporary, and would end after a few months. When she later realized that wasn’t the case, she hired lawyer Jon Eardley; Eardley argued that Spears was being denied her due process.

“It is obvious that the conservatorship was planned well in advance of its implementation as a tool to influence the custody proceedings in the family law court and for other illicit purposes,” Eardley wrote in a court filing. In another document, he stated that the last time Spears attempted to call him, her phone was taken away from her, with that number disconnected the following day.

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However, members of Spears’ team suggest that further court hearings will upend Spears’ previous testimony.

“God bless her, I felt sorry for her. But at the same time, don’t be telling tall tales,” the member of her team said. “Your problems, what was wrong with you, your shortcomings — don’t keep trying to blame everyone else for it.”

That team member also points to “a grave medical diagnosis behind the conservatorship arrangement that the public has no right to know,” stating, “It is so f**king irresponsible to say, ‘Let her do whatever she wants to do.'”