Jeannie Mai is keeping it real.

On Monday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, tWitch steps in as guest host and welcomes TV personality Jeannie Mai to talk about the upcoming eighth season of her talk show “The Real”.

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“I have not been here since the official lockdown last March,” Mai says of her return to the studio lot after taping remotely from home. “I used to walk around these streets. I would holler at Ellen when she would drive in.”

Discussing the success of her talk show, Mai says, “We started out at ‘The Little Show that Could’, a show about women of colour, and we were told we couldn’t make it. A lot of people didn’t believe in us. And we didn’t just make it, we did it and continue to do it!”

Mai also talks about her wedding to rapper Jeezy earlier this year and her mom’s incredible outfit for the big day.

“My mother is Vietnamese, and with Vietnamese women, they like to make their own rules,” she says. “I asked one favour, I said to all of our wedding guests it was a COVID-safe wedding, we only invited select people who knew us both and it was intimate. And we said, ‘Just wear off-white. Please come in your own fashionable ensemble of off-white.”

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She continues, “Mama Mai said to me, ‘The curtain is so pretty, can I wear the curtain?'”

Mai’s mom ended up taking the curtain and turned it into a dress, with a houseplant for a hat.

“This is my family, this is why I love them so much,” she says.