Quentin Tarantino is sharing his thoughts on the future of movie theatres following COVID-19. 

The industry was hit hard after lengthy closures caused by the onset of the pandemic.

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“Some of these exhibitors that are going, they f*****g deserve to go,” said the “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” director, while commenting on movie theatre chains during the latest episode of Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast. 

“They’ve taken all the specialness out of movies anyway,” he continued. 

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“They have been writing their own epitaph for a long time, but they assumed the business would take you along. It’s been crazy throughout my career to see how the film experience is lessened for the viewer like every five years.” 

Tarantino also noted that there is an opportunity for smaller boutique or arthouse cinemas to “actually thrive in this time.”

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The filmmaker recently purchased Los Angeles’ Vista Theatre, which he plans on reopening by Christmas.

“We’ll show new movies that come out where they give us a film print,” he added. “The Vista is like a crown jewel kind of thing. We’ll show older films, but it will be like you can hold a four-night engagement.”