Ed Sheeran had an awkward moment after receiving a call from the U.K. Home Office during a podcast interview.  

The singer, who recently returned to London from the U.S., was joining in on the latest installment of “Normal Not Normal” when the hilarious incident took place.

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As Sheeran was chatting to “Harry Potter” stars Oliver and James Phelps, the Grammy winner’s phone suddenly started ringing. 

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Sheeran took the call and apologized for the interruption. He then spoke with government Covid officials from the U.K. Home Office, who confirmed that he was complying with quarantine rules. 

“Wait, wait, government, hello?,” joked the singer. 

“It’s like being called by your teacher,” said his manager, Stuart Camp. 

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James added, “I just had visions of when you’re hiding at your mate’s house and your mom calls to ask if you’re on your own.”