Chris Hemsworth got up, close and personal with sharks for a new documentary special.

The actor kicked off National Geographic’s annual Sharkfest celebration with his doc “Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth”, which saw him go on a mission to discover how humans and sharks could safely coexist.

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Hemsworth, who grew up in Australia, was joined by legendary 85-year-old conservationist Valerie Taylor for the doc.

The pair could be seen going for a swim in one clip, diving off the coast of Australia to see grey nurse sharks.

“Coming face-to-face with them, it’s hard to put into words the serene beauty of these magnificent creatures,” Hemsworth gushed, adding: “Just amazing.”

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The star explained how where he lives, they’ve just had the worst bate of fatal shark encounters in a century. Luckily though, grey nurse sharks only eat small fish and crustaceans from the sea floor.

“It’s such a privilege seeing these massive creatures up close,” Hemsworth said.

Despite the grey nurse sharks not usually harming humans, Hemsworth then kicked things up a notch by helping take an anal swab from a great white shark.

The “Thor” star said, holding up the medical device: “All for science. So let’s dig in, shall we?”

“Sorry about that, mate,” Hemsworth, who made sure to confirm that the process was painless for the shark, added in a clip shared by Entertainment Weekly.

“Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth” aired Monday on National Geographic. It will also air on Disney+.