“The Boys” has its own news program as fans eagerly anticipated season 3.

Amazon released the first of seven “Seven on 7” episodes on Wednesday. The YouTube video functions as an appetizer for the yet-to-premiere third season of “The Boys”.

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“VNN’s episodes of ‘Seven on 7’ will be released the seventh of every month and each will have seven stories per episode plus a commercial,” Amazon Prime Video explained. “Additionally, the VNN anchor Cameron Coleman, portrayed by Matthew Edison, will also be a VNN anchor in season 3 of the series.”

Showrunner Eric Kripke further explained how “Seven on 7” fits into “The Boys” universe.

“Since the very start of ‘The Boys’, we’ve seen Vought’s propaganda arm — I mean, news channel — VNN,” showrunner Eric Kripke said on Wednesday, per The Wrap. ”We’ll be digging deeper into those fair and balanced patriots next season, so as a teaser, we’re introducing ‘Seven on 7’ with VNN’s biggest star Cameron Coleman.”

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“The episodes are in world canon, serving up brand-new information that bridges the story gap between seasons 2 and 3,” he continued. “So enjoy the hot takes and catheter commercials, just like your parents do!”

Season 3 of “The Boys” has no premiere date.