Caroline D’Amore is “angry and uncomfortable” reliving the moment Spencer Pratt accused his “Hills: New Beginnings” co-star, Jason Wahler, of faking his sobriety.

“It was hard to watch being there, and then hard to relive it. I’m so angry and uncomfortable. I just think it went dark and low to shout back at somebody and say, ‘Yo, bro, I hope you don’t relapse’ in such a sarcastic way. It made me so sick to my stomach,” D’Amore exclusively told ET Canada.

“I’m assuming he regrets saying that because how could you not? When he said that, I just went red,” she added. “You can’t mess with somebody’s mental stability and mental health. This is something that Jason has struggled with for a very long time, and I can relate. I’ve been in and out of AA rooms for a very long time, and I know how hard it is, and that’s just not something you throw out there like that or make jabs about ever. Jason is very honest about his struggle, and he almost lost his family because of this disease, so to throw it out there like it’s nothing is really sad, and I think the Pratt’s owe them an apology.”

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Although viewers saw the disgust clearly written all over the newest cast member of the hit MTV show’s face, D’Amore admitted way more went down than what the cameras captured.

“I remember screaming across the table to Spencer, but then he looked at me and goes, ‘Caroline, you’re just trying to get into scenes,’” D’Amore said. “And he knows because they’re veterans, that if you break the fourth wall, that scene will be null and void, and they’ve been doing this to me the entire season. They’ve been avoiding me so I don’t get screen time, said to not say my name; they literally attacked me on the very first night we filmed, and Spencer never spoke to me again so I wouldn’t be in this season.”

“Rumours had been going around that I had feelings for Kaitlynn [Carter], and the first night [of filming] at Brody’s house, the night of the burial, Spencer actually said to me, ‘Caroline, what do you think? You think Kaitlynn is actually going to go for you? You think she’s going to go down from Miley [Cyrus]? She’s only going to go up from there. You’re not famous, you’re just a civilian.’ For me, that was so hurtful and mean. [MTV] didn’t show it because there was never any comments on it, none of it was ever backed up and I never got to ask him why he had to do that to me.”

D’Amore found comfort when she heard her co-star Brody Jenner admit that he’s also nervous to stand up to his lifelong friend for what is right because that Pratt’s wrath is not something to mess with.

“There are a lot of cast members who are scared of this wrath,” she said. “I keep hearing about this wrath of Heidi and Spencer and I’m not worried about it. I think it’s just crazy. I definitely have noticed on set that people are scared of them, and I guess I’m the naive girl who doesn’t know why yet.”

Bottom line, D’Amore believes Pratt’s behaviour towards Wahler came from a place that “lacks empathy, which shows a lack of education.”

“There was alcohol in that room, there was so much intensity, I mean, how bad would he feel if Jason did relapse that night? Luckily, he has a good support system and an amazing wife, and he’s in a safe place right now, but how bad would you feel? How could you just throw words like that out at people? I just don’t get it,” D’Amore said.

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As for Wahler and his wife Ashley, D’Amore says they’re moving on.

“They’re just kind of grateful they are good people, that he has his sobriety, that someone like Spencer could never mess that up for him and they’re just disgusted really, but they’re just going to let it go because they’re enjoying their new baby and they have so many more important things to worry about right now,” D’Amore said.

“They’re actually okay, but they have definitely not received an apology from Spencer,” she added. “I believe in humanity, and I believe that anybody who is sorry and sympathetic should get another chance so I hope that they do reach out and apologize because they’re really good parents to Gunner, and there’s some goodness in there.”

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