“Zero Contact” is far from a typical movie, both in terms of how it was made and the manner in which it will premiere.

According to Deadline, the Anthony Hopkins-starring film was shot entirely on Zoom during the pandemic, and will also be the making its its debut as an NFT, premiering on new NFT platform Vuele.

According to Deadline, the film follows five characters in disparate parts of the world (played by Veronica Ferres, Aleks Paunovic, Lilly Krug, TJ Kayama and Martin Sternmark), all of whom share a devotion to tech mogul titan Finley Hart (Hopkins). “They are forced to work together to shut down Hart’s secret invention, a machine that is either the solution to mankind’s problems or the end of life on Earth.”

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“Everything about this film is unconventional, from the way we shot it using Zoom and remote production, to its distribution,” said producer and director Rick Dugdale.

Courtesy of Vuele
Courtesy of Vuele

As Dugdale explained, Vuele will have four or five “drops” of “Zero Contact”, the first of which is likely to take place in late July or early August. Each of these drops will include the film itself, in addition to extras that are still being determined, and will vary from token to token to create varying price points.

“It creates scarcity in copies of the film, and protects against piracy,” said Dugdale, who views the film’s NFT release as an experiment in hopes that Vuele can create a new revenue stream for the film industry.

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“We said, ‘It could be a new platform, let’s take the risk and do it with our own film,’” he explained.