David Harbour called in to SiriusXM’s “Pop Culture Spotlight” to discuss his two new movies, crime thriller “No Sudden Move” and Marvel’s “Black Widow”, with host Jessica Shaw.

During the conversation, Harbour also spoke about reports of “Stranger Things” being picked up for a fifth season, admitting he’s really not supposed to say anything about anything.

“Yeah, I think on my Netflix talking points list, I’m not supposed to say that there is a fifth season, but because you said it Jessica, I will say, and I’m also not supposed to know anything about it, but I will say that, sure,” quipped Harbour.

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“If you were on set with someone doing a show that possibly might have a fifth season, I’m sure that those people, if you were close to them, as I am with the Duffer Brothers, would probably bring up things that might move forward into that next season,” he teased.

“I mean, you know, from the very start of this show, I’ve talked to them about the arc of this guy and sort of what would be, and they’ve talked to me about him, and what would be really profound and moving,” Harbour continued.

“And we’re starting to set up things this season in particular that are going to pay off very much in terms of that arc construction,” he added. “I mean, one of the things was the resurrection of this life that he had in terms of fathering, fathering Eleven and revisiting that. And he has to be resurrected now to sort of create something new. And so we have this false death and this resurrection, and now we’ll see, but they do have a plan and it’s very exciting.”

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In another part of the interview, Harbour joked that he and his “Black Widow” co-star Rachel Weisz should get their own spin-off based solely on their flirting.


Harbour also discussed his “Black Widow” character, Red Guardian, and shared some of the secrets of the character’s tattoos.