Regina Hall is happy to be getting older.

On Thursday, the “Nine Perfect Strangers” star appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, guest-hosted by tWitch.

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During the interview, Hall talks about recently having turned 50, joking, “You’re either gonna get older every year, or you’re gonna die, so I’m happy to be alive.

“And I do think it’s beautiful to age… but the number…”

tWitch then shared the funny video Hall made to celebrate turning 50, in which she sings, “The b***h is old today.”

Hall also talks about “Nine Perfect Strangers”, her new show, which she shot in Australia, where it was “so beautiful, I thought it was CGI.”

She also says, “We saw a koala in a tree,” and shares the piece of trivia that koalas have chlamydia. “The whole lot of them.”

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Also on the show, Hall plays a game of “5 Second Rule” with tWitch, in which they each have to name five things based on a prompt in just five seconds.

They quickly cover everything from morning routines, what tWitch’s kids make fun of him for, and Hall’s favourite body parts on a man.