Elizabeth Banks is sharing some of the very unwelcome advice she once received from an agent.

The actress, 47, joined Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes on their podcast “Smartless” and detailed the experience which involved comments about her body, from early in her career.

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“I’ve never been able to fill out that bikini top,” she shared.

Banks continued, “One of my first big movies was ‘Wet Hot American Summer’, and [director] David Wain was like, ‘Will you wear this bikini?’ And the first agent I ever met in L.A., because I had a New York agent, when I went to L.A. and I interviewed this agent, said to me, ‘Have you ever thought about getting a boob job?’”

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Thankfully, Banks got herself out of the conversation pointing out that she had already appeared in a bikini in the comedy.

“I think it’s going to be weird if I pop a D-cup after showing off these little babies right here,” she said.

She added, “All I was thinking of was, I’m not having surgery, and I don’t know why we’re talking about it in a professional setting.”