Ed Sheeran is among the top global superstars, but even he is conscious of competition during album release week.

Sheeran, 30, recently appeared on Complex and First We Feast’s scorching interview series “Hot Ones”. During the interview, Benny Blanco dropped by to ask Sheeran which artist he is jealous of.

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“I wouldn’t say I’m actually jealous of anyone because I feel like I love what I do and I couldn’t do what other people do,” he explained. “But I wouldn’t say I’m jealous of any of them. All of them make me strive to work harder.”

“But I think every artist, when they release, finds out whether Drake, Taylor [Swift] or Adele are releasing, and they go ‘What day are they going? Should we? Can we put it out?’ I think every artist does that.”

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Sheeran released his first single of 2021, “Bad Habits”, from his upcoming project in late June. It marked the first taste at a solo Sheeran album following 2017’s Divide.