Jason Momoa proved he can make anything sexy on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Guest-host Anthony Anderson challenged the actor to “use his sheer animal magnetism” to make boring, everyday activities sexy in a skit.

Momoa immediately took his shirt off — as did Anderson — before being asked to put on hand sanitizer, open a can of tuna, and iron a shirt.

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Despite his impressive physique, Momoa insisted in his interview that he isn’t a fan of going to the gym.

Momoa, who is currently in Canada shooting “See” season 2, admitted he hasn’t had a chance to work out as much as he should but said he would “pull it together” eventually.

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The star said, “I like doing rock climbing and surfing, and there’s no surf up here,” talking about Canada.

“So I just — I do when the time’s right but it’s just — I’ve been fighting so much and working hard. I’ll get it together. I promise.”