It looks like Natalie Portman and Sacha Baron Cohen are officially out of hot water.

The two celebs were spotted taking a boat trip in the Sydney, Australia, area on Monday, prompting an investigation by local police into whether they had broken COVID lockdown rules.

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After the investigation, though, Portman and Cohen were found to have been in compliance with public health orders.

“Officers attached to Northern Beaches Police Area Command received information about a group on a boat on Monday, potentially breaching public health orders,” a police spokesperson told

“Police have reviewed the information and confirmed the activity, and the number of people in the group, complied with the PHOs in force at that time,” the spokesperson continued. “There will be no further police action taken.”

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Sydney is currently experiencing a surging COVID outbreak and has been under a strict lockdown since June 26.

Portman is in Australia for production on “Thor: Love and Thunder”, while Cohen moved to the country with wife Isla Fisher last year.