Michael Rapaport believes he’s the only true replacement for Chris Harrison.

The actor, 51, and self-proclaimed reality TV aficionado, joined SiriusXM’s “Pop Culture Spotlight” with Jessica Shaw this week and admitted he felt “disrespected” that ABC didn’t approach him to take over Chris Harrison gig as host for “The Bachelor” franchise.

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After Harrison stepped down from the role earlier this year after a much-criticized exchange with a previous “Bachelor” contestant about racism. Comedian David Spade has since stepped in as temporary host of this summer’s “Bachelor In Paradise”.

“They f**king should approach me as Chris Harrison’s abandoned gig,” Rapaport said on the show. “Cause I would do it with a zest, a passion, a dramatic flair and I would do great. I was, I’ll be honest. I felt disrespected that no one came to me. What is it called? Um, ‘The Bachelor in Paradise’… felt disrespected.”

He continued, “I felt disrespected because I know some of those other people that are doing it, they don’t appreciate it as much as I would. I would treat it like ‘Shakespeare in The Park’. If I hosted ‘The Bachelor’, it’d be like ‘Shakespeare In The Park’.”

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On Spade stepping in, Rapaport said, “He knows nothing. I love David Spade. He knows nothing about reality TV the way I know it. I’ll take him to task and I’ve known David Spade for 30 years. I would tell him to his face.”

Adding, “It would be like ‘King Lear’ if I hosted ‘The Bachelor’, be like my version of ‘King Lear’ with Meryl Streep on Broadway.”

Season seven of “Bachelor In Paradise” premieres this August.