Being smart and looking good are not mutually exclusive.

That’s the message that Ginger Zee, chief meteorologist for ABC News, delivered when she tactfully clapped back at a rude hater on social media.

The Twitter exchange began when an anonymous Twitter user, using the name of “Family Guy” protagonist Peter Griffin, insultingly tweeted that she’s “paid millions to read cue cards.”

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Zee responded by explaining that she ad-libs her reports, adding, “I’m a scientist who talks about science — with no script.”

The Twitter troll then questioned her credentials with a sexist reply, writing, “Sorry babe, you’re a weather girl who looks good in a skirt.”

Zee clapped back to provide some “education,” writing, “Women can be scientists AND look good in a skirt. I happen to be one of those women. Don’t project your anger and frustration on others without knowing the facts.”