Kelly Ripa, Octavia Spencer, Chelsea Handler and more are weighing in on toilet paper preferences.

It all started with Handler sharing a meme asking the simple question, who prefers their toilet paper “over or under?” The pic also showed an example of the over/under debate.

In a comment conversation caught by the popular Instagram account @CommentsByCelebs, the first to chime in was Ripa, who said, “Over. Saw an episode of ‘Oprah’ on this many years ago. It’s 100% over.”

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Bob Saget agreed, writing, “Over please.”

Spencer simply added, “Over.”

And so did Erin Foster. “This is no debate,” she wrote. “ALWAYS OVER.”

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The comment section of @CommentsByCelebs’ post even got heated with Jerry O’Connell offering, “Neither. Sideways on the tank lid.”

But overall, it seems like the consensus is unanimous – toilet paper belongs over.