Joshua Jackson and wife Jodie Turner-Smith welcomed their daughter last year, and the Vancouver-born actor is gushing about his experience as a first-time father.

“A whole new world of things has just opened up to me in experiencing fatherhood and this magical, joyful, chaotic, stressful anxiety-inducing love that you did not know you had the capacity for,” he said in an interview with Us Weekly to promote his upcoming Peacock series “Dr. Death”.

“It just expands every single day,” he added.

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As Jackson explained, “an actor’s life informs everything they do… and the choices” that they make.

According to Jackson, the timing of his daughter’s birth allowed him to take on “Dr. Death” when the role became available.

“Frankly, if it had been six months earlier, I wouldn’t have taken the job because Jodie was still pregnant and I really wanted to obviously be there for all of that,” he said.

“This job was, like, cosmically the right job because it came at exactly the moment where it worked for me and I felt like I had the emotional bandwidth,” Jackson continued.

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Based on a true story, the series finds Jackson portraying Dr. Daniel Duntsch, whose patients wound up maimed or dead after he performed surgery on them.

He credits his happy family life with his “beautiful wife [and] beautiful baby” for helping to lift him up during production of the “heavy” project. “My life is very warm and supportive,” he said.

“Dr. Death” will premiere on Showcase in the fall.

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