Dwayne Johnson is facing a big dilemma, and he took to Instagram to explain.

In a video he shared, Johnson is heard commenting on a hawk that’s chowing down on a snake, while he films the scene through a window.

“Right outside my door is a big, beautiful hawk,” says the “Black Adam” star, noting that the bird of prey has “got his talons on a hell of a snake.”

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His problem, as he writes in the caption, is that he needs to get to the gym for a workout, but the bird was being less than cooperative.

It’s either this hawk’s Copperhead snake 🐍🦅 or my weekend workout 💪🏾,” writes The Rock.

“I tried to open the door with some firm DJ energy and instead of flying away, he got pissed and hasn’t stopped ka kaw’ng me since 🤣,” he adds.

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“Clearly, we both have a few things in common 😈💀 but he’s gotta eat and I gotta train…. Wish me luck, this could get ugly,” jokes Johnson.