Mindy Kaling had the best surprise when she left her dad and step-mom’s house.

The “Ocean’s 8” alum took to Instagram to document how she met Christine Quinn.

“I SCREAMED when I was walking out of my dad and step-mom’s house and randomly saw @thechristinequinn on a break from shooting Selling Sunset on the sidewalk,” Kaling wrote.

“It’s my favourite show on TV and not in like a ‘guilty pleasure’ way; that show is SO GOOD. Christine is a fabulous real estate agent and new mom who sells $30 million dollar mansions in 7 inch Louboutins,” Kaling continued. “Plus she keeps things spicy which is always nice! I love the whole cast and this made my year. Queen!

Quinn replied, saying, “Omggggggggg I love you so much! I am obsessed with you! I can’t even.”

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“Life has been made,” Quinn add on her Instagram Stories.

Instagram Story. Photo: @thechristinequinn/Instagram
Instagram Story. Photo: @thechristinequinn/Instagram
Instagram Story. Photo: @thechristinequinn/Instagram
Instagram Story. Photo: @thechristinequinn/Instagram

Quinn welcomed her first child in May of this year, a boy named Christian Georges Dumontet with husband Christian Richard. While Quinn has said she loves being a mom, she isn’t sure if she wants another.

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Speaking on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live”, Quinn added, “I know I’m a masochist in the bedroom, but for me to do that to myself again, it’s just, I don’t even know. It’s hard because everyone asks us. I’m like, ‘After that blowout of a situation? Edward Scissorhands? I’m not really sure. I’m not really thrilled to be signing up right now.”