Cardi B faced backlash after gifting her daughter Kulture a diamond charm necklace by Elliot Eliantte, reportedly costing around $150,000, for her third birthday over the weekend.

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Kulture’s dad Offset then went one further by buying her a $250,000 Richard Millie watch.

Some social media users commented on how it was all so extravagant for such a young girl.

Cardi, currently expecting her second child, responded to one person on Twitter, according to Yahoo!, replying to the now-deleted tweet:

Cardi added a tweet:

This isn’t the first time the parents have been criticized for their over-the-top gifts.

Offset was previously slammed online for gifting the then-two-year-old with an $8,000 pink Birkin bag.

Kulture’s party over the weekend featured a petting zoo, Disney princesses, a huge Cinderella cake, and a tunnel of pink balloons.

Mother and daughter wore matching pink ball gowns.