Colin Jost has a knack for giving really odd gifts.

On Monday, Scarlett Johansson appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and was asked about the first gift Jost, her husband, gave to her.

“The first thing he ever got me was, I guess he went on some trip—when he did standup he goes all over the place and then he’ll go to, like, these weird little antique malls and stuff and find haunting presents for people,” she explained.

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“And he got me a bullfrog, like, a taxidermy bullfrog playing I think like the banjo or something like that,” Johansson said. She explained that he left it sitting on the floor for her with a card that read, “Hi, Scarlett!”

“It was just so creepy,” she laughed. “And then I tried to get rid of it but I felt bad throwing it away because it was the first present he got me.”

Meyers also asked about a tattoo that Johansson and the other members of the original “Avengers” film got to commemorate the experience — all the members except one.

“We have an ‘Avengers’ tattoo,” she said. “The only person who doesn’t have it is Mark Ruffalo, because he’s lame, basically. We tried to get him to do it … he just shut it down.”

She added, “He’s such a party pooper! I mean, a big party pooper!”

Also in the interview, Johansson talked about showing her six-year-old daughter the often-forgotten “Home Alone 3”, which she had a role in when she was young.

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“I guess it wasn’t intentional. We went through the series—we did ‘Indiana Jones’. Then we watched ‘Back to the Future’. And then, of course, naturally we did ‘Home Alone’. And I happened to be in the third ‘Home Alone’ movie and so I didn’t say anything to her because I thought she would make a big deal out of it.

“Not surprisingly, she didn’t pick up on it right away. I had to really, like—’See who that is?’ She’s like, ‘Whatever. Is that you?’ I was like, ‘It’s me, your momma.’ And she was like, ‘Oh, OK. Whatever.'”