Tom Hiddleston has some great “Loki” co-stars.

The actor was asked on Monday’s “Tonight Show” about Alligator Loki, one of the variants of the god of mischief, which in reality did not resemble at all its on-screen portrayal.

Jimmy Fallon showed a photo of the “alligator” on set: a bunch of pillows thrown together with googly eyes and horns.

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Hiddleston shared, “I mean, look at him, a huge star, he’s not even getting up out of his chair.

“It actually was funny because obviously he’s made [of] these three discarded cushions sewn up with some eyes on.

“And no offence to Alligator Loki — clearly the superior Loki — but you’d be doing a scene and you’d think, OK, so we’re going to get the wide shot and then the two-shot and we’ll do Owen [Wilson]’s coverage and get everyone’s closeups and coverage, and you’d think that felt like a great scene. ‘I think we’re done, are we moving on?’

“And we’d all sort of wrap…and somebody would say, ‘Hang on a second, we have to shoot the alligator.'”

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During the interview, Hiddleston also discussed Disney+’s epic “Simpsons/Loki” crossover special.

See more in the clip above.