Brian May feels as if his home has been “desecrated” after a freak storm in London unleashed more rain in 24 hours than the city typically receives in a month, leading to flash floods that caused sewage to overflow into the lower level of his home.

The Queen guitarist took to Instagram to share some of the destruction via videos he posted to his 2.8 million followers.

“After a nice day at The Royal Holloway College, we came back to horror in our house,” he wrote in the caption.

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“The whole bottom floor had been inundated with a sewage overflow ‘ which has covered our carpets, rugs and all kinds of precious (to us) things in a stinking sludge,” the rocker added. “It’s disgusting, and actually quite heartbreaking. It feels like we have been invaded, desecrated.”

Worst of all, he explained, he and his wife Anita had been storing “a lifetime of memorabilia on the floor of our basement — and most of it is sodden and ruined. I had rescued all my most treasured childhood photo albums and scrapbooks from my studio house because it was threatened with a forest fire some months ago. Where did I put it all for safety ? In the basement here in Kensington. Irony. Today it turned into a sodden mess. I’m devastated…”

In a followup post, he placed the blame on the “infamous” Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for “allowing the ruination of our quality of life. These are the same people who scandalously allowed the wrong cladding to be put on Grenfell Tower leading to the loss of so many lives. The same people who allowed a vast area at the end of Kensington High street historic buildings.”

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According to May, by allowing homeowners in the area to allow “purely speculative basement construction” that “obstruct the aquifers underneath our living space and render the drainage system ineffective.”

He wrote: “I hold them responsible for all the misery that is going on in my neighbourhood tonight. It’s time they were held to account.”