Howie Mandel was called out for being rude by an angry mom on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent”.

Alla Novikova, who made it to the quarterfinals on the show back in 2016 with her son Daniel, returned to chaperone her children, ballroom dancers Michael, 8, and Angelina, 6.

As the kids pointed out their brother had previously been on the show but Mandel had pressed his red buzzer, Simon Cowell called their mom out to have her say.

Mandel previously told Daniel, who was nine at the time: “When we first saw you, you were a surprise… but this is the third time I’m seeing the same moves. Third strike you’re out as far as I’m concerned.”

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Novikova then told Mandel on Tuesday: “I would love to say you are actually really, really rude. You see a little kid performing on the stage, dancing his heart out. He was dancing with joy. He was doing his best and you were so hard on him.”

After watching the kids’ epic audition to Fleur East’s “Sax”, Mandel then insisted he didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

He told Novikova, “I’d like to personally apologize to you and your son. I’m so sorry.”

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“We all forgive you. Everybody makes mistakes,” Angelina adorably replied, before Heidi Klum quipped, “But he makes a lot of them.”

“That was amazing,” Mandel said of Michael and Angelina’s performance, as Vergara added, “There’s nothing bad to say. You guys were great and adorable.”