Even Jimmy Fallon has permission to dance.

BTS appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” over Zoom. The South Korean superstars served up the debut television performance of “Permission to Dance”.

The song was actually a gift to the group from singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and his collaborators, who sang it on a demo sent to BTS.

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“Ed sent us this amazingly good song, and as soon as we listened to it we just couldn’t resist it,” J-Hope told Entertainment Weekly. “We thought it went really well with our image, too, so we just went with it.”

“I’m really thankful to Ed Sheeran,” Jungkook added. “I hope we have more chances to work with him.”

The K-pop group definitely have their sights set on more English-language tracks.

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“We’re open to anything,” said RM. “Maybe when it’s time, I think we’ll be able to release another song in English or Korean or Spanish — or any language.”

Also on the show, BTS gave an update on their touring plans.

“We want to do the ‘make some noise’ thing again,” the group promised. “Get ready.”