One person who had a hard time watching Joshua Jackson take on the title role in his new series “Dr. Death” is the Canadian actor’s wife, Jodie Turner-Smith.

“I watched it with Jodie and with my mother-in-law,” Jackson tells ET Canada. “Mother-in-law walked out at the end of the first surgery. Just could not… it was too much.”

Based on a true story, the new series, which airs on Showcase beginning September 12 in Canada, stars Jackson as Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a spinal surgeon whose patients start leaving his operating table maimed — or worse.

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“Jodie kind of watched the second half of the first episode like this…,” he says, holding his hands up and covering his face. “And then the second episode was a little bit like this [peeking through her fingers], which I take to be a good thing.”

While Jackson plays a devious doctor, co-stars Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin add a little levity as a pair of surgeons on a mission to take Dr. Death down. As Jackson says, it’s the comedy duo we never knew we needed.

“Who knew that these guys were like an all-time classic comedy pairing?” Jackson laughs, revealing the cast and crew had some ideas for a buddy comedy with the actors.

“Honestly, we talked about it on set every single day,” he shares. “Clearly there has to be a season 2 that’s just these guys. It doesn’t have to be medical stuff. Just these two guys going around solving stuff in America. They’re so good together.”