Zendaya is standing behind Lola Bunny’s redesign in “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, the remake of the 1996 animated/live-action sports comedy.

Speaking with YTV, the 24-year-old actress, who voices Lola Bunny in the upcoming film, addresses criticism over her character’s less sexualized look.

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“They made her to be […] all the things we loved about her before and more, just powerful and strong. She’s just the one that constantly is reminding them to be a team and to work together and not to give up.”

Revealing that her father wanted her to be the first woman to play in the NBA, Zendaya explains that she got major points with her family for voicing the role.

“I have a basketball family,” she contends. “I’ve said it a million times but, technically, I’m on a team with LeBron [James], so in the end I’ve made my family proud.”

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Meanwhile, ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante spoke with actor Don Cheadle, who plays the film’s villain Al-G Rhythm.

Sharing his love of the Looney Tunes cartoon characters, Cheadle reveals which animated characters he would have on his fictional basketball team.

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“Well, Bugs [Bunny], obviously, because I just think he’s the smartest,” adding that the rabbit would make up for his “lack of height” with “his mind.”

Cheadle adds, “And then, I guess, I would take Yosemite Sam because he’s crazy with the gunplay. And you’re going to move out of the way when a guy’s driving the lane with his six-shooters out.”