Netflix is infested with sexy beasts.

The streaming service shared a clip from their absurd new dating show “Sexy Beasts”. In the clip, a panda-human hybrid assesses the desirable dating qualities of an alien, a Tin Man-Frankenstein’s monster hybrid, and a man-bull/minotaur. Yes, you read that right.

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“Thank you guys so much for three awesome dates,” the panda says. “Ethan, I love how genuine you are. You’re so different from anyone I’ve ever dated, which I think is a plus; however, I feel maybe we don’t have enough in common to keep the spark alive.”

“Tyler, you are my type to a T,” she continues. “But maybe you’re a little bit too much of a ladies’ man. Josh, I love that you’re a nerd and I feel like you have no hoes back home, which is really important to me. However, I feel like maybe you might not be ready for the type of commitment I’m ready for.”

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“Sexy Beasts” premieres July 21 on Netflix.