Kevin O’Leary has some thoughts on guest judges.

The “Shark Tank” star is on the latest episode of the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast and is asked about whether he thinks Jennifer Lopez would make a good guest judge.

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“You know, in the brief moments I’ve known her, backstage and at the American Music Awards or that kind of thing, or on the set of ‘Shark Tank’ I would say she’s a pretty pragmatic woman given all the ups and downs that she’s dealt with in her life,” he says. “And I think that adds character, is what I think. And I would guess that she would be a good Shark because she could take the heat.”

He adds, “You got to remember something: We say hi to these guests. And we enjoy meeting them and their company. But the minute those cameras start rolling and a deal’s in front of us, they’re competitors. And we rip them to pieces. I’m happy to shred her to pieces. If I have to, that’s fine.”

O’Leary is also asked about Bethenny Frankel and says, “I know Bethenny quite well. She’s got a lot of energy, as you know, everybody has their own style. Actually, I’ve done deals with Bethenny. We have a deal called Snarky Teas together, which has done quite well. But you know, everybody’s their own crazy chicken. And she is definitely on the scale of crazy chicken.”

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Asked where she would be “on the crazy-chicken index,” O’Leary says, “She’d be a 15. You know, that old adage it goes to 11. Well, she goes to 15 on the crazy chicken scale.”

Talking about her reputation for being difficult, O’Leary says, “No, I think she’s just, you know, she’s her own self and she sticks up for herself. Nobody’s difficult to work with. They’re all competitors.”