Helen Mirren didn’t use isolation as an excuse to stop looking glam.

During a new interview with People, the 75-year-old actress revealed that she wore makeup every day throughout lockdown.

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Mirren also recalled how isolating with husband Taylor Hackford was a “good experience.”

“Every day I put on makeup,” she said. 

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 “I didn’t do it for Taylor because Taylor never notices. He asks if I’ve got makeup on or not and doesn’t really care, but he certainly doesn’t notice.”

The screen icon continued, “He’ll sometimes say in a rather puzzled way, ‘Oh, you look really nice.’ You just associate the fact that I look nice with the fact I’ve just spent an hour doing my makeup! But I would put my makeup on every day and get dressed every day because I enjoy it.”

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On lockdown being a positive time for her, Mirren added, “I felt like I was living my life properly. So, it was actually a good experience.”

Mirren stars as Magdalene Shaw in “F9”, which is currently in movie theatres.