“Jungle Cruise” is a very special movie for Emily Blunt, offering a lot of firsts.

For example, not only does it mark the first time she’s co-starred with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and her first movie based on a Disneyland ride, it’s also the first movie she’s been in that her children might actually watch.

Blunt, who shares daughters Hazel, 7, and Violet, 4, with husband John Krasinski, discussed her kids while appearing on Thursday’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan” to promote “Jungle Cruise”.

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“This interestingly has been the only trailer that they have watched multiple times. They’re usually disinterested in seeing me onscreen — they’re really into ‘Jungle Cruise’,” she said.

“They love the jaguar; they love [Dwayne Johnson]; they love the dynamic; they love the whole world, it’s like a pretty sort of sumptuous, exotic world,” she added. “They love [the trailer], it makes me so happy.”

“Jungle Cruise” premieres simultaneously in theatres and on Disney+ on July 30.