Conan Grey is watching love unfold all around him in the music video for his new single “People Watching”.

In the Joe Mischo-directed video for the new track, which dropped on Friday, the singer-songwriter is working at a coffee shop while he watches the various people around him as they fall in love.

“The best place on earth to people watch is the cafe,” Gray explains.

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“The perfect couples talking about their mornings, students studying, sweet couples who’ve sat at the same table for decades. It’s wonderful,” he continues.

“My best friend Ashley and I used to joke about the idea of us working at a cafe together, how terrible we’d be at our job because we’d get so distracted staring at people,” adds Gray. “So for the people watching video I brought Ashley to L.A. and thought I’d play the situation out, really show how much of a beautiful disaster it would be if I were to work at a cafe as I always say I should’ve.”

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