Readers, beware. Spoilers for Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s new “American Horror Stories” anthology ahead!

Paris Jackson is sharing how she felt about playing a rather “vindictive” character on the latest iteration of “AHS”, “American Horror Stories”, which premiered with a two part debut on FX on Hulu on Thursday.

The actress, 23, said she was unaware just how mean her character would be when she signed onto the project.

“I didn’t know anything about what this season was going to be, they’re very top secret about that when you’re auditioning,” Jackson told TheWrap on Friday.

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In the episode titled, “Rubber (Wo)man”, Jackson’s character Maya ends up betraying her friend and paramour Scarlett (Sierra McCormack) by live-streaming her confessing to having violent sexual fantasies. In the end, Scarlett dons the infamous black rubber suit that has become synonymous with “AHS” and kills Maya and her friends.

“[W]hen they told me that I was going to be in the show, they hadn’t really given me much information on the character,” Jackson explained. “They just told me the name of the character and then I was going to be playing a mean girl — but they definitely didn’t tell me how mean I was going to have to be. So when I read the script the first time, I was honestly pretty horrified at how cruel and just evil and vindictive the character is. But overall, it was an incredibly amazing experience.”

Jackson worked with director Loni Peristere to figure out how to keep the “same Maya all the way through” while also exploring “different dimensions” of the character. After all, this is a young woman who flirts with Scarlett and then betrays her to impress some friends at a sleepover.

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“I spoke to the director about why she was doing this and why she was leading Scarlett on and how she really felt inside,” Jackson told TheWrap. “And he and I spoke about it, and it made more sense to be like, yeah, Maya actually does have feelings for Scarlett and she does question her sexuality. And she doesn’t know how to feel about it and doesn’t know how to behave about it. And obviously, her friends hate that idea. So she’s got to be the top dog of this rich-bitch, mean-girl crew.”

Jackson also spoke about the awkwardness she and McCormack felt being so cruel to each other when the cameras were rolling.

“With Sierra, it was just us apologizing to each other constantly,” she explained. “They’d call cut and I’d be like, ‘I’m so sorry. I promised I don’t hate you’ to Sierra. And she’s like, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine.’ And then when it came time for her to kill us, she kept saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I promise I don’t hate you,'” she added.

“It was a really cute constant interaction of us apologizing to each other, especially because she’s very believable. She’s very convincing. I think she felt the same way about me.”