Seth Rogen dropped by the studio of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Friday, where he was welcomed by guest host Nick Kroll.

During their conversation, Rogen shared the details of a prank that Paul Rudd pulled on him while he was receiving a massage.

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Rogen first revealed the prank in a tweet earlier this month.

“How it was truly revealed to me, they started massaging my face quite a bit,” Rogen recalled.

“At first I was like, ‘Ooh, a face massage!’ It shows how little boundaries I have. I didn’t even open my eyes. A stranger is fondling my face, and I paid for it,” he added.

The big tip-off came, Rogen admitted, when he heard Rudd start laughing. “And I opened my eyes to see Paul Rudd standing over me, laughing hysterically with my cheeks in his hands.”

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While Rogen couldn’t remember whether the massage therapist whom Rudd subbed in for was male or female, he admitted he wouldn’t been surprised if Rudd was able to impersonate a woman giving a massage.

“Paul is also a tiny man,” joked Rogen, with Kroll agreeing that “he is a dainty fellow.”